Friday, September 23, 2011

What We've Been Up To

Whether you're just discovering Sing Honeycomb or have been admiring our products for years, it's always beneficial to know our history and what we've been up to. Read on to learn about what's been going on at Sing over the past year.

AUGUST 2011 
  • One of our Sing homes, built in 2000, was recently put on the housing market; it sold in a single day!
  • An industrious customer commissioned a large number of Sing Honeycomb panels, and put them to very good use as a built-in bookcase; view images of his hard work here
  • A customer's custom order of Tinyhouse doors were a huge success; view images here 
JULY 2011
  • We custom-built a set of cedar veneer doors for a customer in Pennsylvania. His response is worth a read:

    Dear Sing Home,

    The cedar veneer doors are exactly what we were looking for. Thank you so much Honeycomb Products. A big thanks goes to the guys in the shop who make the doors. The custom size measurements were exactly what I specified.

    The aromatic cedar veneer is beautiful with lots of variations in the knots and colorful grain patterns. They made a nice room into a "wow" room. The aroma is still pleasant after four weeks.

    Thanks again for your specialty door products.

    Sincerely, R, Contractor

    To see images of R's project, click here
 JUNE 2011
Sapele Honeycomb floor panels
  • A set of Honeycomb lightweight door cores were installed in California. Using our lightweight doors reduces construction and maintenance costs, as well as lowering the risk of employee injury!
  • We introduced a new offer: legs for your Honeycomb Qwik Table! Order here
  • A customer finished a flooring project using our Sapele and Port Orford Honeycomb flooring panels
  • We introduced our new lightweight entry bench! See image here.
MAY 2011
Urban Enotica loves Sing Honeycomb!
  • We introduced our new nesting step-benches! See images here
  • We introduced our new overhead garage door panels! See images here
  • Our doors for Seattle restaurant Urban Enotica are a huge success!

APRIL 2011

Our gorgeous new butcher block
  •  A customer in Michigan commissioned a vacuum tabletop; we gave him the most precise (and lightest) vacuum table in the United States! Click here for images.
  • We introduced our beautiful new kitchen butcher block! Click here to order one for  yourself!
  • Our new entertainment center was released--check it out right here!

Tinyhouse furniture
  • We introduced a new line of furniture--including stairs/shelves specifically for tinyhouses!
  • We introduced our weatherproof signboards, available in a variety of materials, at less than 16 lb each! Click here for images


  • We introduced our new Aluminum Honeycomb Panels--a 42 lb panel can hold up to 1000 lb of weight! See images here

Sing Honeycomb kitchen island
  • A private cooking school commissioned a custom butcher block kitchen island--it turned out beautifully!

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