Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring Cleaning Updates

Spring is the time for cleaning and growing. We are revising our newest website, creating new marketing strategies, and developing new products. Our office staff has grown to include five members, and we plan to continue growing both in the office and in outside sales representatives.

Our biggest changes:
1  We are combining our previous websites to make your web visit more user friendly. Our main web site is now For the mean time, our old web sites also work.

2. We now have our online store through Big Commerce. You can order furniture and small items without going through PayPal. Check it out! 

3. Featured Product: Carriage House Garage Doors

Carriage Doors Courtesy of KB
Purchase your first pair of Sing Carriage House door panels at $256 apiece. The least expensive steel roll up door retails for about $1,000, whereas a solid wood carriage house door retails for $5,000 or more. Homeowners may enjoy the beauty of a carriage door for the low price of a steel door. Email sales at for a quote.

We also offer a garage organizer to help tidy up your garage.

4. Sales Representatives and Distributors Wanted Nationwide
Sing Honeycomb Products is hiring part time and/or full time Sales and Marketing Representatives. We are looking for dynamic team members that are able to sell a unique patented product to a variety of industries including but not limited to museums, trade show displays, furniture sellers, and builders of all types.

Join Sing Honeycomb in making green construction available to all.

Happy Sing Cleaning!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Elusive Torsion Box

Isn't it every woodworker's dream to have a perfectly flat table? The only solution is a torsion box!

Many high end woodworkers search in vain for torsion box cores. They are so expensive that we've been settling for solid wood or aluminum honeycomb for decades. Not any more! Sing Honeycomb has developed an efficient production method for veneer grid torsion box core that will satisfy every woodworker's needs. Sing sandwich panels are within .007 in precision. Now, we can all use torsion box cores in our construction of everything from flooring and furniture. Yes, that includes the soul of the shop, the Work Bench. Never doubt the precision of your work when you use our precisely flat tables.

A torsion box is a grid of thin beams sandwiched between two skins. It can be made with paper, resin inpregnated cardboard, plastic or veneer (both environmental and strong). We use vertically arranged veneer embedded in foam for even more support.

We make precision affordable because we employ locally, use renewable/recycled material, and have a patented mass production system.

In the aircraft industry, they call it honeycomb. In the woodworking industry, it is called torsion box. in the home industry, it is known as sandwich panel. No matter what you call it, Sing Honeycomb Panels have the same strong core material.

Watch as CEO Peter Sing demonstrates the strength of a Sing Door:

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