Friday, April 13, 2012

Saving Space and Living Light: Sing Tiny House Benefits

What is the best tiny house building system? One that makes a lightweight, strong building that can become a portable, towable, tiny house on a trailer.

We give "mobile home" a new meaning!

Such a tiny house must be:

1 Lightweight
A mobile Tiny House requires little energy to move around. The problem for the standard 2 x 4 framed tiny house is that it weighs more than double the Sing Tiny House. Sing Panels have everything you need in one lightweight package.

2 Strong and Thin 
You may expect a thick wall to be strong, but it takes too much precious interior space. Even Structural Insulated Panels (SIP) are often six to eight inches thick, but they lack the torsion box grids found in Sing Core Panels. Sing Panels are extremely thin, less than 1.5 inch thick, but stronger than steel pound for pound. No other core has both support and insulation.

This is all you need.

3 Easy to Build
Using patented Sing Panels is the easiest way to build a tiny house. It has the exterior wall, interior wall, and insulation all built into it.  A simple building process means better accuracy, easier construction, and little energy to build an eco-friendly Tiny House.

It's so light, just two people can build a Sing Tiny House.

The Sing torsion box sandwich panel building system takes less labor and material but stronger than frame and SIP home. Regular SIP panels have no structure grid. Their strength comes from being built into a thick wall using a 2 x 6 frame method. You can count on nailing the plywood to the wall studs to gain sheathing strength. Sing panels use structural glue on 100% of both sides of the facial board. This is sandwiched on either side of a veneer torsion box grid embedded in foam.  It is the flattest and strongest lightweight core Panel.

Patented Sing Honeycomb is the best building method for building tiny houses. It also makes the best lightweight furniture, posts and beams. Please visit to see limitless applications of Sing Panels.

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  1. Cool! I like this tiny house with wheels. What makes it more amazing is that it is made of the SIPs walls. So, regardless of the weather, you can go anywhere you want and still enjoy the comfort of a real home. Great job!

    -Kevin Noel