Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sledding Dressers

Hey everyone! Yesterday, our founder, Peter Sing, showed us around the warehouse. It was pretty cool to see where the magic's Top Secret patented stuff, so I can't divulge, but I can tell you that we have lots of furniture panels ready to be sold and shipped. There are three sizes of dresser (small, medium and large--imagine that!) as well as armoires and portable kitchen island carts with butcher block tops. There are panels with light and dark finishes, but if you want something different, we can make that too. Shipping costs aren't the only reason we prefer to sell in bulk; our machinery is set up to produce mass amounts, so we have to make large amounts no matter how small the order. These variables are probably part of the reason prices are also customized. Using the machine might be why we always have furniture on hand.  I'm starting to learn a thing or two about business from Peter.

My favorite part of the tour was when Peter told my coworker and me to sit on the edge of a drawer. Really! He took it out of the dresser, stood it on end and had us both sit on it. I thought it would break, but of course it didn't. It was better than sitting on a park bench: no creaking or dipping. I couldn't even tell there was someone sitting next to me. Haha. I wish drawers had been this strong when I was a kid. I would have gotten in much less trouble. OH! You can use Sing panels for sleds! They're weatherproof! They're insulated! They're strong enough to crash. I'm sure that doesn't constitute "normal use." Don't tell the kids; they'll find out on their own. When I have a house and family, I'm totally going for strong dressers from Sing.  That's one of our primary concerns, here at Sing Honeycomb, making timeless, enduring furniture. Maybe we can start a children's line of furniture. I guess it would just be the same indestructible pieces, just marketed to a different crowd. Hmm. We'd probably get in trouble if we called them Sledding Dressers or 3-In-1 Boat. Send all your kids down the creek with no paddles. Just kidding! Don't ever leave your kids unsupervised, in a creek, or with nothing with which to guide themselves. People do build luxury boats with our panels. In fact, we had a small boat request recently. That'll have to be the topic for another day.

Feel free to comment on our furniture photos. We have basic designs to suit any lifestyle. Our major claims to fame are the integrity of our panels and the ease with with you can take them apart.

Happy Snow Day from Sing Square Log Homes!

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